Whispering Hills Stable established the Equine Rehabilitation program in 2002. Since that time we have had great success in the rehabilitation of many horses. Our very first horse was a 25 year old, severely foundered Morgan X Curley gelding that lived most of his life on a trap line. We have also hosted horses with a broken pastern/with screws surgically placed in the pastern and in a cast, fractured hock bone, colic surgery recovery, a chronic case of scratches, cellulite and ringworm, several wire cuts causing lacerations as far as the bone or calcification over the wire wrapped around bone. There has been the rehabilitation of a horse that contracted Rhino, from a vaccination, being one of four that survived and returned to race for five more years, earning $500 grand for his owner before retiring. Yes, saddle sores and fistulous withers too.

The year of 2013 was awesome! We were able to rehabilitate two horses with a sheared hip to full recovery, a spinal cord injury, fractured sesamoid bone, massive cut to a hind leg by a tombstone feeder and a wire cut to the inside of the hock, cutting the artery. I am also proud to say that the product used for these severe cuts, I brewed myself, an all natural ingredients, “Gail’s Goop” that heals with or without bandaging the wound.  Presently since October 1st we have been rehabilitating a horse with completely torn ligament of a stifle joint, using an all natural herbal remedy, hand walking, magnetic therapy, laser and non invasive method of therapy to correct physical limitations of the horse. To date, the gelding has progressed to daily turnout in a paddock. October 1st, 2013 we were advised to euthanize! No way!

Let Whispering Hills Stable Professional Staff try rehabilitation first!

“June”, the R.C.M.P. Musical Ride horse

_R.C.M.POne horse of many but a point of interest is “June”, the R.C.M.P. Musical Ride horse, Sept 4, 2005.  Junes’ diagnosis was Colic or 180 degree volvulus of the large colon & right dorsal colon impaction. The day before the Musical ride in Mayerthorpe. June spent 2 months with us before she was able to travel, back to Ottawa. Two years later, we visited her in Drayton Valley. The mare did remember us and her squashed up apples that were a huge part of her diet and recovery for the first month she was with us.

“Wire cut”

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“Tombstone feeder injury”

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“Artery cut”

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Our Equine Veterinarian, Dr.Andy Mueller. DVM

Rehab-Dr Mueller,Russell,Joy,Barro,Mr 017We also offer equine rehabilitation. Our farm veterinarian makes weekly visits to administer laser, acupuncture and magnetic therapy.

Equine Sports Therapist

Gab 7 trisran trail, LORNA, 009 No Mallets or Long Lever techniques used. Trained by a Dr. of Human and Equine Chiropractics. This method of therapy uses very gentle and non-invasive techniques to correct physical limitations,including lameness, misalignment, muscle sore, or other issues.