Our Services:

care3● Indoor & outdoor boarding
● Private paddocks with shelter
● Pasture boarding
● "Free choice" hay, minerals
    & water
● Equine rehabilitation
● Sports lay-ups
● Equine retirement
● Camping out for weekend riders...
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trainingWe offer a 3 month Training Program For You & Your Horse.
● Horse communication: become
   the alpha partner using body
   language & herd rules
● Supervised round penning
● Longeing and long
   lining exercises...

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_R.C.M.PEquine Rehabilitation at Whispering Hills was Est. 2002. One horse of many but a point of interest is "June", the R.C.M.P. Musical Ride horse, Sept 4, 2005. Junes' diagnosis was Colic or 180 degree volvulus of the large colon & right dorsal colon impaction...

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